2022 Innovation Award from the IT industry

Thanks to the generosity of Dzung Tran (CS 1981) the Fondation CentraleSupélec awards the innovation award for the dominant computer science. This prize is awarded for an outstanding student project conducted as part of the 3rd year Computer Science option. Jean-Guillaume Cojan, Clément Deberdt and Anthony REMY graduates of the Cybersecurity major, class of 2021, […]

C’est bientôt la rentrée !

👩‍🎓 Dans quelques jours ce sera déjà l’heure de la rentrée à CentraleSupélec … La fondation reste mobilisée pour soutenir les élèves tout au long de leur cursus afin de permettre à chacun de suivre le plus sereinement possible ses études. Notre porte reste ouverte à tous ! (e.119 bât Bouygues) Lien vers la page dédiée aux élèves ici

The Foundation also acts for Centrale Casablanca

In 2019, thanks to the CentraleSupélec Foundation‘s Parcours Réussite fund, 58 Moroccan students received a living grant to complete their studies at Centrale Casablanca. This fund, financed by Joël Rousseau (ECP 75), President of NGE, has supported the students of Centrale Casablanca since the opening of the school and has thus made it possible to […]

Equal opportunities at CentraleSupélec

Aiming for success at CentraleSupélec! The School makes every effort to recruit the best talents in different fields and to ensure that all students can learn in the best conditions, without financial worries. On November 6, 2019, the Foundation held its first scholarship ceremony in the School’s theater. Scholarship students, staff members working daily for […]