students, the Foundation is here for you.

Supporting students is at the heart of the CentraleSupélec Foundation’s mission.
Discover here all the ways the Foundation can help you, and how to apply.

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The CentraleSupélec Foundation supports French and international engineering students and MS students, according to their difficulties, needs or projects, through :


and means-tested loan guarantee programs to help you meet the cost of student life and/or support your international mobility projects.

Computer loans

for students who can’t afford them or who have a computer breakdown.

Grants for community life

to support student association projects.

Grants to support entrepreneurship

to support students’ startup projects.

In 2020/2021, 192 students received a scholarship or loan guarantee, €70K was spent on community student life, and 12 startups received an entrepreneurship support grant.


Scholarships and loan guarantee

Scholarships are offered to 1st year students who have difficulty paying for tuition and/or daily life on campus (housing, food, supplies).

– Loan guarantees are reserved for 2nd year, 3rd year and MS students facing the same type of difficulties or wishing to continue their studies abroad (S8 or double degree).

3 committees are organized during the year: in October, January and May.

To apply, you need to:

1. Pick up a file at the Foundation office (e119, Bouygues building).

2. Return the completed application within the time limit.

3. Go through the committee.

All applications are reviewed by members of the School,the Foundation and the Residence.

Your contact point :

Laura Scazzola
+33 1 75 31 66 86

Sébastienne Guyot scholarships

Created to promote parity in scientific studies and careers, the Sébastienne Guyot scholarships are reserved for female students from the competitive exam or from CASTing with a poor financial situation.

Worth €8,000 per year for three years, these scholarships are awarded each year in Decemberon the basis of resources and motivation, and financed by partner companies.

To apply, you will have to fill out an application which will be examined in November during a pre-selection stage, and then pass an interview in front of a jury made up of members of the Foundation, the School and the partner companies.

For more information, please contact Laura Scazzola:

Grants for student community life

The initiatives of the student associations play a major role in the life of the students.
This is why each year the Foundation provides funding for the projects of numerous sports, artistic, cultural, event organizing and humanitarian associations.

2 committees are organized during the year: in November and in April.

To apply, you need to:

1. Pick up a file from the Foundation office (e119, Bouygues building) to present the association, the schedule of events for the year, the nature of the project(s) to be funded and the corresponding budget.

2. Go through a committee with the representatives of the student life of the School, the Foundation, the CESAL, the president of the BDE and the CentraleSupélec Residents’ Association.

Your contact point :

Laura Scazzola
+33 1 75 31 66 86

Entrepreneurship support grants

Worth between €1,500 and €5,000, these grants are awarded to students with an entrepreneurial project, according to 4 main criteria: the innovative dimension of the project, the market study, the soundness of the project and the motivation of the project leader(s).

2 committees are organized during the year: in December/January and in April/May.

To apply, you need to:

1. Pick up an application from the Entrepreneurship
team at CentraleSupélec (

2. Return your completed application by the deadline.

3. Go through the committee.

Your contact point :

Brice Mainier
+33 1 75 31 66 42

Think about it !

The Support Unit
is also there for you.

Are you experiencing other difficulties?
Are you facing a period of doubt or discouragement, a painful personal or family event, a health problem, difficulties in orienting yourself in the curriculum or in building your professional project?

The School Support Team is here for you. Do not hesitate to contact :

+33 1 75 31 64 79

“There are many support systems in the school, but students are not always aware of them. We are at the crossroads of these supports. We welcome the students, listen to them, identify their difficulties and then make the connection with the support system best suited to each situation.”

Frédérique de Graeve, head of the CentraleSupélec Support Unit.