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Do you have any questions? Need more information? A project of donation or transmission of heritage? Do you have a claim to make?
The whole team of the Foundation is at your disposal, do not hesitate
to contact us!

“The CentraleSupélec Foundation is first and foremost you, our loyal donors and corporate sponsors, so thank you. Thank you very much for your commitment to us.

At a time when CentraleSupélec, like all the best institutions in the world, needs the massive support of its community more than ever, we can be proud to constitute one of the most important Foundations in French higher education. Let’s continue to grow together and pass on this culture of solidarity and commitment to new generations of students!”

Nathalie Bousseau

Director of the CentraleSupélec Foundation
Major donor relations
tél. 01 75 31 64 04

Audrey DUVAL
of Development
01 75 31 66 55

Head of Prospect Research and Donor Relations
01 75 31 64 82

Event and donor communication manager
01 75 31 63 79

Caroline ABER
Responsible for annual funds, legacies, donations and alumni relations
01 75 31 63 75

Aurélie ERNOUF
Administrative assistant
01 75 31 66 86

Administrative and financial manager
01 75 31 61 76