A Foundation at the service of the school, the students and society

The mission of the CentraleSupélec Foundation is to perpetuate the excellence of the School by providing it with all the resources it needs to stay one step ahead and train engineers who will take up the scientific and technical challenges of a rapidly changing world as world leaders.

Perpetuating excellence

In a globalized world of higher education where the best institutions on the planet are in competition, none of them can remain at the highest level, and continuously innovate to meet the major challenges of our time, without the massive support of its alumni community and an important network of corporate patrons.

The mission of the CentraleSupélec Foundation is to federate the support of graduates, parents, friends and corporate partners of the School in order to initiate and accompany its development projects in all its flagship activities:

Contributing to the progress of society

As a Grande École, CentraleSupélec is driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, which is reflected in numerous actions aimed at advancing equal opportunity, the integration of disabled persons, parity and environmental protection.

CentraleSupélec and the Foundation are driven by a strong sense of social responsibility

The Foundation provides the School with its full support in these citizen initiatives that are gradually shifting the lines in our society, which is still struggling with social determinism, inequality and the under-representation of women in scientific studies
and careers.

As one of the world’s leading scientific institutions, CentraleSupélec must also – and above all – use science and technology to provide innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to the major challenges of the 21st century in terms of climate, the environment, health, security and, quite simply, humanity.

To this end, the CentraleSupélec Foundation sets up dedicated funds that enable the School to mobilize its training, research and entrepreneurial strengths on specific, cross-disciplinary issues, such as health, artificial
intelligence or energy transition.

Being able to adapt

Finally, the CentraleSupélec Foundation must be able to respond to any unexpected and urgent needs of the School and/or its students. In 2020, for example, during the initial containment of the Covid-19 crisis, the Foundation was able to mobilize its donor community in record time to build an emergency fund that has made it possible to contribute to the implementation of all the tools needed to guarantee the continuity of distance learning, but also to help students in difficulty through exceptional grants, or to support innovative research projects.