Dedicated funds

Dedicated funds to support the School in key areas

A school for engineers who change the world, CentraleSupélec stands out for its strength in scientific and technical innovation to meet the major challenges of the 21st century, and for its keen sense of social responsibility. This stature has led it to initiate major multidisciplinary projects and programs on key themes, with the essential support of the Foundation.

Funds dedicated to the major issues of the 21st century

For several years, the Foundation has been setting up funds dedicated to CentraleSupélec’s programs, mobilizing its teaching, research and entrepreneurial strengths to meet the major challenges of our time. To date, 3 funds have been created on themes emblematic of the School’s expertise:

Health & the Living

Health & the Living

A fund to support the exceptional ecosystem developed by CentraleSupélec in the service of health, and to contribute both to the most promising work of our teacher-researchers and to the training of engineers needed by the medical world.

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Environmental transition

Environmental transition

In the face of the climate emergency, making a success of the environmental and energy transition is one of the major challenges facing our engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs, whom we support through this fund dedicated to supporting their most innovative projects.
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Data & AI

Data & AI

A fund to support the School's scientific excellence in Data and AI, which in the coming years will bring considerable progress in fields as diverse as medicine, environmental risk management or business performance.

The "Center for Diversity" fund

Today: a multidimensional support

While strong social and gender inequalities persist in higher education, the CentraleSupélec Foundation, already strongly committed to equal opportunity through an ambitious scholarship program, has decided to go even further by creating this “Center for Diversity” fund.

This fund supports the School’s actions aimed at making CentraleSupélec an increasingly open and inclusive school for all, regardless of their differences, by allowing :

To introduce engineering studies to underprivileged groups and young women, to encourage their ambitions and to support them in their orientation, the Center for Diversity supports for example:

  • Tutoring and mentoring actions conducted with high school students by student associations such as Oser or Espérance en béton ;
  • The organization of the Summer Camp for high school students;
  • The “CAP Prépa” program to support scholarship holders entering preparatory classes and better prepare them for these decisive years for their future.

To act in favor of social openness and gender equality throughout schooling, the Center for Diversities supports in particular:

  • Elective courses dedicated to these subjects (required for graduation)
  • Role-playing courses dedicated to the issue of sexism
  • Training of association leaders and development of communication tools
  • Sexist and Sexual Violence Prevention Activities

To better support students with motor disabilities, visual impairments, hearing impairments or autism spectrum disorders, the Center for Diversity supports, for example:

Donor-initiated funds

The CentraleSupélec Foundation offers its individual and corporate donors the possibility of creating funds for projects that are particularly important to them.

These include, for example, the Parcours Réussite fund created at the initiative of NGE Chairman Joël Rousseau (ECP 1975). The purpose of this program is to provide scholarships to students at Centrale Casablanca, which aims to train the elite leaders of tomorrow’s Africa. Thanks to this fund, about 50 students each year receive an average of €1700 in scholarships.

By paying 100% of Centrale Casablanca's living expenses, I want to help the social ladder and promote merit and humanity. These young people will have the greatest resource in the world with a truly exceptional diploma, but they will also and above all have a responsibility: to build in their turn by respecting others. We cannot exist today if we do not have a humanistic attitude.

Joël Rousseau (ECP 1975),
Chairman of the NGE
Strategic Council

You too can support our dedicated funds !

You can also create a fund in your name to support a project or program that is important to you. All you have to do is contact the Foundation’s team.