Student housing and campus life

The Foundation, a major player in student housing and campus life

Supporting students also means providing them with the best possible living conditions on their campus. This is why the CentraleSupélec Foundation contributes to the continuous improvement of the Paris-Saclay campus, to access to student housing for all and to the richness of community life.

A campus built with all our donors

From 2014 to 2017, the Foundation mobilized all its donors and corporate partners around the construction of the new Paris-Saclay campus. This fundraising campaign raised €25M and financed 10% of this new campus, which opened in September 2017.

Since then, the Foundation has continuously contributed to the development and improvement of the building and its equipment.

"My years at the School were the best for me as a student. CentraleSupélec offers a multitude of possibilities, and this is its strength: nothing is set in stone. I have been a supporter of the Foundation since my graduation and I immediately embraced the project of building a strong and internationally visible ensemble. I was proud to contribute and represent the younger graduating classes in this fundraising campaign."

Thomas Delano
(ECP 2012)

A massive and continuous investment in student housing

Student housing is one of the priorities of the CentraleSupélec Foundation, which has been involved in this issue for a century, first in Paris, then in Châtenay-Malabry and finally in Gif-sur-Yvette.

The CentraleSupélec campus in Paris-Saclay is now home to 4,500 students and, in order to provide them with accommodation as close as possible to their school, the Foundation has undertaken to build several residences.

"Investing in student housing allows us to both contribute to equal opportunities by providing housing for all, and to build a real estate legacy that will be valuable for future generations."

Jérôme Moitry (ECP 1985),
Treasurer of the CentraleSupélec

For 10 years, the Foundation has capitalized in the endowment 10% of the donations received.
This contribution enabled it to invest €3 million in 2015 in the acquisition of land with a construction lease opposite the future school. Through a partnership with social housing landlords, it has built 1,100 housing units there, which were delivered at the campus’s inauguration in 2017, adding to the 800 or so units already on campus. In 2018 and 2019, the Foundation then borrowed €57 million over 23 years to build two additional residences it owns. The last one, le Mail, was delivered in February 2020.

Today, 2,500 students are housed on campus thanks to the CentraleSupélec Foundation and all its donors.

Our residences

Les Muses
Le Mail

In the coming years, the Foundation will continue to invest in order to ensure that the campus has the capacity to meet its needs and respond to the housing shortage on the Saclay plateau. This may involve the rehabilitation of some residences and the construction of new housing.

An essential support to the student associative life

The incredible richness of the community life is one of CentraleSupélec’s great specificities, with some 200 student associations and clubs on its 3 campuses, within which students can not only develop their talents but also reinforce their training and skills.

Sport, art, culture, media, event organization or civic and humanitarian commitment: the investment of students in one or more student associations is recognized as a component of their training and widely supported by the CentraleSupélec Foundation.

Every November and April, the Foundation examines the applications of associations to award its grants for associative life.

In 2020, more than €40K was dedicated to funding student association and club projects, including:



The association committed to equal opportunities, which accompanies 250 high school students each year in 11 high schools in Île-de-France through tutoring and numerous actions to help them believe in themselves and achieve their ambitions.
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As a student forum, the association organizes a monthly lecture and debate on major current affairs and social issues around a prestigious guest.
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The association that acts for gender equality on campus and against prejudice, discrimination, harassment and violence of which women are still too often victims.
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A team of 28 students mobilized to organize a flagship event: the Integration Weekend for first-year students, which each year brings together 1,150 participants and 330 student supervisors.
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"Thanks to the Foundation's support, we were one of the few schools in France to maintain our Integration Weekend despite Covid-19. And its success from a health standpoint even earned CentraleSupélec the congratulations of the Essonne Departmental Council!"

Jean Delloye,
president of the WEI

You too
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campus life !

Your donations guarantee students the best possible living and study environment, and contribute to CentraleSupélec’s attractiveness by making the School one of the best student experiences in France and in the world.