The Foundation, a major support of the CentraleSupélec Research Center

With 18 laboratories and research teams mobilizing 1,100 researchers, teacher-researchers and doctoral students, the CentraleSupélec Research Center is a pillar for excellence in mastering new scientific and technical ecosystems.
Nurturing the excellence of the engineering curriculum while providing society with new, efficient and sustainable solutions to the major challenges of the 21st century, it can count on the Foundation’s increased support each year to maintain its high standards.

Supporting the research chairs

The CentraleSupélec Chairs supported by the Foundation, which bring together companies, researchers, teachers and students for a period of 2 to 5 years, have the particularity of focusing on key themes and, in the vast majority of cases, of linking a teaching component to their research mission. The CentraleSupélec Foundation currently holds 7 chairs:


Photonics at CentraleSupélec: an extraordinary adventure that began with the funding of a thesis...

The Fondation CentraleSupélec’s funding is often the seed money for the School’s finest projects, and the success of its research in photonics is a remarkable example!

It all started with a thesis funding from the Foundation, allowing this extremely promising field of research to grow until the creation in 2017 of the Photonics Chair, the only one in France where the photon is deconstructed to put light and optical technologies at the service of great future progress. And in 2022, the Chair will take on a new dimension with the project to create a 4,000 m2 Institute on the Metz campus, as part of the 2021-2027 Grand Est State-Region Plan.

For Marc Sciamanna, professor and researcher at CentraleSupélec and director of the Photonics Chair: ” This Institute will become a beacon of our global influence, because photonics, which has already profoundly transformed the way we process information, will revolutionize many key sectors such as energy, transportation, security and health. »

Multidimensional support for the School's laboratories

Finally, the CentraleSupélec Foundation supports the work of many laboratories through :


The purchase of state-of-the-art
machinery and equipment

Welcoming grants
for international students and future
doctoral students

Early career
grants for


The Foundation has been a key supporter in the creation of our web platform for histopathology and medical data visualization. To contribute to the fight against cancer, the MICS laboratory is developing automatic medical data and image processing systems to improve diagnosis and treatment. This project focuses on the processing and visualization of histopathology images (microscopic observation of tissue) for diagnosis. Our platform will thus provide clinicians with new and efficient tools for tumor cell visualization and quantification, which could significantly help them in their daily practice.

Maria Vakalopoulou,
assistant professor
in the MICS laboratory

You too can support research
at the School !

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €1.1 million to CentraleSupélec’s research, which, as in previous years, has distinguished itself by its excellence on the world scientific scene, with 750 A-rank publications. Together, let’s strengthen its power of innovation.