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Equal opportunities at CentraleSupélec
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Equal opportunities at CentraleSupélec

Aiming for success at CentraleSupélec! The School makes every effort to recruit the best talents in different fields and to ensure that all students can learn in the best conditions, without financial worries.

On November 6, 2019, the Foundation held its first scholarship ceremony in the School’s theater. Scholarship students, staff members working daily for their success and donors were honored during this convivial event.

Cérémonie de remise des bourses, 6/11/19 © PICS

Vincent Jolys, Director General of Services, presented the actions carried out by the School in favor of equal opportunities. Students with French government scholarships are exempt from paying tuition fees, as is the case at any public school. This amounts to 2 million for the 2018-2019 year for 723 students. Moreover, CentraleSupélec is aware of the challenges of social diversification for the Grandes Ecoles, and has opened new recruitment channels for DUTs (20 places each year) and L3 scientists for several years (37 students recruited in 2019), in which the profiles are more diverse than in the scientific preparatory courses. Finally, CentraleSupélec has also opened a dedicated apprenticeship program for 72 students, who are also exempt from paying tuition fees.

The Foundation’s “Success Angels” program was presented by its director Nathalie Bousseau. This is a scholarship program that allows all students who enter the school to complete their education under good conditions, regardless of their financial means. The Foundation is very active in supporting its scholarship students by financing their participation in community life and sports activities, as well as courses to prepare for competitive exams for DUT students and student housing. In 2018, it thus supported 180 students for an amount of nearly €600,000.

All of this is made possible by the donors, businesses, alumni and parents who contribute each year. As of 2019, several major donors have also established scholarship funds in their names (€100,000 commitment over 5 years). A scholarship student testifies:

« The help is more than material. It is also a moral support, a mark of confidence which allowed me to reinforce my ambitions. »

This evening was also the occasion to receive Flavien Kulawik, former scholarship student of the Ecole Centrale Paris and today entrepreneur and great donor. He came to speak to the students about his journey:

Flavien Kulawik – Grand donateur, ECP 1994 © PICS

“I love my school, its project and its training. The training I received there is great: it offers a very high transdisciplinary scientific level but also the possibility to use this knowledge. This has allowed me to fulfill my professional life as an entrepreneur. […] When I entered Centrale Paris, I took out a loan, received a scholarship and also an honorary loan from the Société des Amis (the forerunner of the Foundation). This gesture of solidarity has remained with me and today I want to give back to the School what it gave me. I want to give the opportunity to students with financial difficulties to follow a serene education, I want them to be able to take full advantage of it. It is a great opportunity for them to be at CentraleSupélec and CentraleSupélec is very lucky to have them too!”

Philippe Carli, President of the Foundation, concluded the evening by reminding us how much the Foundation and the School believe in the success of each student.


You too can support the students and help us provide them with scholarships:


You too can support students!

Thanks to your donations, the CentraleSupélec Foundation is able to support many students each year with a scholarship, a loan guarantee or exceptional assistance. Together, let’s reach the goal of 300 students supported each year!

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