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Diversity at CentraleSupélec_Online internship “Science and Climate

Diversity at CentraleSupélec_Online internship “Science and Climate

Equal opportunity is a priority for CentraleSupélec, which aims to be a school open to all.

To this end, CentraleSupélec is increasing the number of social outreach programs prior to the competitive exam, in particular with online courses in partnership with Acadomia.

During the Christmas vacations, the School offers the online course “Sciences and Climate”. During one week, students from 3rd to 12th grade will be able to review mathematics, physics and life sciences.

The price of the course is 250 € but for Crous scholarship students, the price is only 23 € (see flyer below).

CentraleSupélec’s objective is to reach 200 students with 30% of them receiving scholarships.

By creating the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, CentraleSupélec is leading a national initiative on diversity and inclusion in scientific and technical education. It is an ambitious program with 3 objectives:

  • Inform young people about science and guide them towards engineering professions
  • Accompany them in scientific studies by giving meaning in :
    • Provide financial assistance to secure their career path
    • Educate all students (not just recipients) about diversity and inclusion


To help the School in its desire for openness in the service of Excellence, the Foundation wants to go further with a funding target of €15 million over 5 years for :

  • Supporting more disadvantaged students by strengthening the scholarship and loan guarantee program: target €1M/year
  • Stimulate vocations, thanks to the creation of the center of diversity with the deployment of actions prior to the competition and the promotion of parity and social diversity through specific grants.


You too can support students!

Thanks to your donations, the CentraleSupélec Foundation is able to support many students each year with a scholarship, a loan guarantee or exceptional assistance. Together, let’s reach the goal of 300 students supported each year!

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