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Bachelor Global Engineering

Bachelor Global Engineering

The Bachelor of Global Engineering is a new four-year program taught entirely in English for post-baccalaureate students: two years on the Foundation in Saclay to build a solid and broad scientific base, then two years of engineering specialization at theMcGill University in Montreal, Canada.

In the tradition of French training, the first two years are based on a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, supplemented, from the very first weeks, by courses in engineering sciences, digital sciences and life sciences. Projects, case studies and internships open the door to the professional world and its complexity, while allowing students to understand the coherence of all the courses they have taken with regard to their professional project.

At the end of these first two generalist years, students will move to Montreal to develop a scientific specialization and gain autonomy of action. They will choose one of nine tracks offered by the McGill Faculty of Engineering: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or an original Generalist track.

To join the first international class of 70 students in September 2023, candidates can apply directly on the CentraleSupélec website, or on Parcoursup before February 1, 2023.

In keeping with the spirit of the project since its inception, the selection of candidates, through the study of applications and the conduct of motivational interviews, will be carried out jointly by teachers from CentraleSupélec and the McGill Faculty of Engineering.

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Live Event

Presentations are held for high school students around the world between mid-December and mid-January. Parents, teachers and prescribers are also invited to attend.

Here is the list:

– Wednesday, December 14 at 2pm :


– Monday, January 2 at 2pm :


– Monday, January 2 at 6pm :


Wednesday, January 11 at 2pm: bit.ly/BachelorMcGillCentraleSupélec2023-4

Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm: bit.ly/BachelorMcGillCentraleSupélec2023-5


You too can support students!

Thanks to your donations, the CentraleSupélec Foundation is able to support many students each year with a scholarship, a loan guarantee or exceptional assistance. Together, let’s reach the goal of 300 students supported each year!

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