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Focus on Greenly: a solution to calculate your carbon footprint

In early 2020, Greenly received a grant from the CentraleSupélec Foundation to support the creation of a company. Since then, the startup has grown and is very successful!

A look at this evolution with Arnaud Delubac, one of the founders of Greenly and an alumnus of the Master of Sciences in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies at CentraleSupélec and ESSEC.

How the project was born: an app to calculate your carbon footprint

The Greenly project starts from an observation shared by the three founding members, Alexis Normand, Matthieu Vegreville and Arnaud Delubac: there is a gap between the population’s awareness of climate issues and real changes in consumption patterns.

Their experience within the startup Withings, which designs connected objects regarding health, allowing to track users’ data to allow them to change their behavior; inspires them in their project. As a result, the startup Greenly is launching in October 2019.

The concept is simple: offer a free app, linked to the user’s bank account, allowing him to calculate his carbon impact. A recognition technology allows each expense to be assigned a CO2 coefficient. The app also provides tips for users to change their consumption behavior.

A boost: the Foundation's business creation grant

In early 2020, the team received a grant from the CentraleSupélec Foundation to support the creation of a company. This grant will help them to add to their first funds, accelerate their development, and recruit their first employees.

"The CentraleSupélec Foundation grant was a token of credibility for us. It was very useful and gave us a big boost at the very beginning of the adventure. We had met Romain Soubeyran, the director of the school, who had been very available, and who had wanted to help us make connections."

Phase 2: Calculate the carbon footprint of companies

In addition to the mobile application, Greenly also offers a carbon footprint for businesses. This automated and easily accessible solution allows companies to track their main emissions by merging financial and carbon accounting. In addition to this monitoring, Greenly offers solutions and action plans tailored to each company.

Today, Greenly is the leader in France for digitalized carbon assessment solutions, and has many clients of all sizes and sectors, such as Axa, Konbini or Swile.

What's next?

Faced with this success, Greenly has just announced in March its fundraising of 23 million euros in Series A. This fundraising will allow Greenly to rapidly expand internationally, to recruit to increase its team, and to accelerate the number of corporate clients.

You too You too can support our student and graduate entrepreneurs!

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €315,000 to supporting CentraleSupélec startups and to all of the programs developed by the School to encourage and accompany the entrepreneurial spirit among students. Let’s go further together!

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