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CentraleSupélec Foundation Impact 2022 Thesis Award
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CentraleSupélec Foundation Impact 2022 Thesis Award

On March 21, the CentraleSupélec Foundation’s Impact 2022 Thesis Awards ceremony was held.

Congratulations to our 4 laureates for their remarkable doctoral studies in the laboratories of CentraleSupélec – Université Paris-Saclay.

In the *Impact Science* category:
1st Prize: Roxane Letournel, on the Modeling of turbulent flows strongly loaded with particles (Lab. EM2C);
2nd Prize: Renato Vizuete, on Open Multi-Agent Systems (Lab. L2S).
In the category *Impact Innovation*:
1st Prize: Manasa Periyapattana, PhD, on New technologies for distillation packing (Cifre thesis, Lab. LGPM – Air Liquide)
In the category *Society Impact*:
1st Prize: Emma Jagu Schippers, on economic models for CO2 capture (LGI Lab – IFP Energies nouvelles)

This is an opportunity to recall the essential role played by doctoral students in research and the excellence of this demanding training, both intellectually and humanly.

These awards are the result of collaboration between the Research Department and the Foundation.


You too can support the School's research!

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €1.1 million to CentraleSupélec’s research, which, as in previous years, has distinguished itself by its excellence on the world scientific scene, with 750 A-rank publications. Together, let’s strengthen its power of innovation.

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