Stéphane Decker, Supélec 1992

Stéphane Decker, Supélec 1992

« For me, it is only right to give back."

As an Alumnus, I have remained attached to the School.

And I support the Foundation above all because I feel indebted to what the School has given me. For me, it is only right to give back.

I am particularly keen to help students who may be experiencing difficulties.

I didn’t face this problem when I was a student, but it’s a more challenging time now. There is a lot of talk about the social ladder breaking down, which is a real and complex subject. It is clear that in the preparatory classes, there are very few students from modest backgrounds. I think that CentraleSupélec and the Foundation are moving in the right direction to allow for more diversity among students while maintaining high standards. More parity is also needed!
I myself have two daughters studying engineering, so I am very sensitive to this issue.

“It is a more challenging time today for students.
We need more diversity, and more parity!”

On-campus housing is also very important.

In my time, only the first years were in student residences, then the others in shared apartments in Les Ulis. Everything is very different when you live on campus, especially the community life, which is so important in the students’ daily lives.

More generally, I appreciate the dynamism given to the School by the creation of CentraleSupélec and the Université Paris-Saclay. It is also to encourage this dynamic that I will continue to support the CentraleSupélec Foundation.