Philippe Theys (1971), faithful donor

Philippe Theys (1971), faithful donor

CentraleSupélec is my alma mater

I want to offer students the opportunity that was mine.

École Centrale Paris, now CentraleSupélec, is my alma mater. It gave me a very high quality training, both technically and philosophically. I have had a very rich career, I have lived with my family in a dozen countries, in particular Texas, I have written two books and dozens of technical articles. Then, after I retired, I became a consultant for major oil companies. I was very lucky, and it seemed natural to my wife Odile and I to offer this opportunity to today’s students.

“The Foundation offered us the opportunity to split our donations between France and the United States.”

It seemed natural to us to give, but also to transmit.

After discussions with the Foundation’s team, we agreed on the creation of a scholarship fund that perfectly met our twofold expectation: to support students and to do so over the long term through a multi-year commitment. In addition, being French and American citizens, the Foundation offered us the possibility of dividing our donations between France and the United States through the Friends of CS, Inc. structure, and thus benefiting from tax deductions linked to these donations.

We have also decided to take out life insurance in favor of the CentraleSupélec Foundation. We have seven grandchildren who will each receive a share of our inheritance, but we felt it was important to also pass on to the community. It is a way for us to leave a footprint, an additional trace that will be useful to students in the long run.