Flavien Kulawik, ECP 1994 and President of the Foundation’s Campaign Committee

Flavien Kulawik, ECP 1994 and President of the Foundation’s Campaign Committee

"I call on each of us to support the Foundation as much as we can."

I am a graduate of Centrale Paris, an entrepreneur, and I have been involved with the Foundation for several years now.

I have been a donor, then a major donor, and in 2021, I have accepted a new challenge: to preside over the Committee for the new fundraising campaign, with the objective of raising €250 million by 2025, including €100 million from individual and corporate donations.

Why this commitment? Because I love my school.

I liked the teaching I received. I like its evolution, which is really impressive, and I like its ambition to go from “French super school” to “world super school”. And then, of course, I am grateful. I come from a very poor background and I was able to enroll in this program because I received a scholarship and an honorary loan from the predecessor of the Foundation.

"This mark of solidarity has stayed with me and I want to give back what I have received."

But beyond all that, if I had only one thing to say to all my comrades, it is how vital the Foundation is to the School.

There are many examples in all fields. The Foundation makes it possible to launch new and innovative programs, to take this risk without unbalancing the School’s budget, and thus to provide CentraleSupélec with a range of competitive and internationally readable programs. The Foundation’s support is also crucial for research, which must be at the forefront of all the disciplines that the School targets and teaches.

What more can be said about entrepreneurship, this essential asset of CentraleSupélec, this competitive advantage that must be consolidated? Here again, the Foundation’s funding is central to the ongoing development of the School’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Not forgetting, of course, the scholarships and numerous initiatives financed by the Foundation to ensure that our School is ever more open to excellence of all kinds.

These are all actions that strengthen CentraleSupélec's standing, that increase its attractiveness, that make it progress again and again.

So let's give as much as we can!