Carmen Munoz-Dormoy Ecole Centrale Paris 1992

Carmen Munoz-Dormoy Ecole Centrale Paris 1992

"Social openness is a key issue for me."

When I think of the School, the first word that comes to mind is “pride”.

But I also feel a strong gratitude towards this School which gave me an excellent training and allowed me to get in touch with professionals and companies to start my career. I always stayed in touch with the school, the students, the teachers. And these contacts have strengthened my attachment year after year.

“The fact that I have always stayed in touch with the School has strengthened my attachment year after year.”

CentraleSupélec must be able to attract the best students, without discrimination.

Social openness is a key issue for me. It is therefore very important that the economic criterion is not an obstacle to access the School, and that students know as soon as possible, in France as well as internationally, that if they have the academic level, their finances will not be a constraint to integrate CentraleSupélec.

“CentraleSupélec must welcome students based solely on academic excellence.”

I am proud of the development of our School.

The merger of Centrale and Supélec, and its integration into the Université Paris-Saclay – ranked No. 1 in mathematics in 2020 in the Shanghai thematic ranking! – have given it a size and reputation of global proportions. This is a great success, which should encourage us to contribute, via the Foundation, to its economic equilibrium. And to allow it to continue to welcome students on the sole criterion of academic excellence, thanks to low tuition costs and the existence of scholarships.”

Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1992, is Director of Downstream R&D at EDF. She is a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur and Vice-Chair of the MEDEF International Sustainable Development Task Force. She is a Senior Ambassador of the EDF Group to CentraleSupélec, a member of the School’s Board of Directors and a loyal donor to the Foundation.