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CentraleSupélec Foundation 2021 Thesis Awards Ceremony
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CentraleSupélec Foundation 2021 Thesis Awards Ceremony

On Monday, November 29, the CentraleSupélec Foundation’s 2021 thesis award ceremony was held, bringing to a close the day of doctoral students at the University of Paris-Saclay’s “Engineering and Systems Sciences” Graduate School.

This year, four winners were selected by the jury, on themes as diverse as plasma physics, telecommunications, biotechnology and AI-medicine.

With the aim of supporting CentraleSupélec’s research at the Université Paris-Saclay, the Foundation awards prizes in two categories: Impact Science and Impact Innovation.

Award list 2021

Impact Science:

  • 1st Prize: Nicolas Minesi, who realized his thesis “Formation of a completely ionized plasma and combustion assisted by nanosecond discharges” at the EM2C laboratory under the direction of Christophe Laux, and the co-direction of Gabi Stancu and Axel Vincent Randonnier (ONERA).
  • 2nd Prize: Khac-Hoang Ngo, who completed his thesis “Non-coherent wireless communications: fundamental limits and system design” at the L2S laboratory, under the co-direction of Sheng Yang and Maxime Guillaud.

Impact Innovation:

  • 1st Prize: Wendie Levasseur, who completed her thesis “Biotechnological performances of acclimatized green microalgae cultures: effect of light and its modulations” at the LGPM laboratory, Chair of Biotechnology of Pomacle, under the co-direction of Patrick Perré and Victor Pozzobon.
  • 2nd Prize: Théo Estienne, who completed his thesis “Deep learning methods for 3D medical image registration” at the MICS laboratory, under the co-direction of Nikos Paragios, Eric Deutsch and Maria Vakalopoulou.

The next step for the four laureates is to present their work in less than 6 minutes to the CentraleSupélec Scientific Council on December 6.

You too can support the School's research!

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €1.1 million to CentraleSupélec’s research, which, as in previous years, has distinguished itself by its excellence on the world scientific scene, with 750 A-rank publications. Together, let’s strengthen its power of innovation.

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