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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: CentraleSupélec and the Gustave Roussy Institute
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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: CentraleSupélec and the Gustave Roussy Institute

On February 9, CentraleSupélec and the Gustave Roussy Institute signed a framework agreement to strengthen their partnership in the field of Big Data and artificial intelligence in cancer research.The agreement was signed in the presence of Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

This agreement provides a framework for further uniting the training and research strengths of CentraleSupélec and Gustave Roussy.

Indeed, medical research, particularly in the field of cancer, covers a very broad scientific field due to the diversity and complexity of the systems studied, the understanding of the phenomena that characterize them, and the elaboration of the scientific questions that arise from them. It therefore requires the mobilization of the entire range of scientific and technological disciplines and skills, from exact and experimental sciences to human and social sciences.

This collaboration between Gustave Roussy and CentraleSupélec has several objectives:

  • to encourage the regular exchange of information on the activities of both institutions and to improve the dissemination of knowledge ;
  • to develop research around concrete projects; for example, the teams will collaborate on projects in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, radiomics, and 3D images;
  • to strengthen the acquisition of skills by CentraleSupélec students;
  • to promote cooperation in the field of transfer and valorization with a view to socio-economic applications;
  • to encourage an “entrepreneurial” pathway around the theme of the valorization of health and cancer treatment data.

This rapprochement will also take the form of interventions in courses, joint seminars, and joint training at the crossroads of medicine and engineering sciences.

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation welcomed this rapprochement between the two institutions and the interdisciplinarity that links them with the aim of serving research and the fight against cancer.

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