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Discover the 2020 Annual Report of the CentraleSupélec Foundation

Discover the 2020 Annual Report of the CentraleSupélec Foundation

We are pleased to publish the CentraleSupélec Foundation’s 2020 Annual Report, which will allow you to measure the full scope of your generosity.

2020 Annual Report – CentraleSupélec Foundation (fondation-centralesupelec.fr)

The year 2020 will have been special in more ways than one. Marked by a health crisis of unprecedented proportions, it demonstrated the exemplary capacity of our School to adapt to an unprecedented context, the tremendous commitment of the entire CentraleSupélec community to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, but also the vulnerability of a large number of students severely impacted by the economic and psychological consequences of this crisis.

You will discover how precious your solidarity has been for all students who may have encountered financial difficulties during their studies, during this unprecedented crisis.

Your support has also enabled us to provide the School with substantial resources for educational innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Above all, we thank you for accompanying, and for some of you for several years already, the strategy implemented by CentraleSupélec to become one of the best scientific institutions in the world.

Today, we can be proud to see this strategy enshrined.
Indeed, this year, the University of Paris-Saclay is consolidating its position as a research-intensive university of international standing.

As a donor to the CentraleSupélec Foundation, you have played a decisive role in this success, and we would like to say to you today: let us continue together to lead CentraleSupélec ever further, ever higher!

We already know that the needs of students will be great again this year, especially in terms of scholarships and housing assistance.

We continue to rely heavily on you, and thank you in advance for your continued trust and support.

You too, support the School and its students!

Donations from our Alumni, parents and corporate patrons are essential resources for CentraleSupélec, and the main seed fund for its development projects. So let’s all support our School!

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