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CentraleSupélec Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship Award Ceremony

CentraleSupélec Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship Award Ceremony

Each year, the foundation awards entrepreneurship support grants to CentraleSupélec students proposing entrepreneurial projects. 2 sessions are held each year.

On June 22, 2021, the CentraleSupélec Foundation highlighted 6 start-up projects proposed by students of the School. In total, 15,000 Euros have been awarded to project leaders in the engineering cycle or in the MS Entrepreneur program, co-sponsored with ESSEC.

  • Helean is an affluence prediction software. Specialized in the restaurant and hotel sector, its online platform allows structures of all sizes to access artificial intelligence (project led by Imad Charbel, 1st year engineering student);
  • Co-gito is an educational platform based on Adaptive Learning and self-correcting exercises of various types. Adaptive Learning makes it possible to personalize learning by adapting the choice of exercises to each learner for optimal effectiveness.
  • Hemeris aims to improve the germinative properties of seeds without the use of chemical products (phytosanitary, chlorinated products, etc.) through the use of a process derived from applied physics.
  • POWSL The project “consists of the design of an innovative battery that attempts to provide an answer to the ecological and economic challenges of energy storage.”
  • Fostr is a productivity platform designed for Project Managers in the real estate construction industry to enable them to be more efficient and accurate in their daily project management.
  • Canari ensures well-being and productivity thanks to connected sensors that measure the quality of the environment (CO2, temperature, humidity, etc.).

You too You too can support our student and graduate entrepreneurs!

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €315,000 to supporting CentraleSupélec startups and to all of the programs developed by the School to encourage and accompany the entrepreneurial spirit among students. Let’s go further together!

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