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Awarding ceremony for business start-up grants

Awarding ceremony for business start-up grants

On Thursday, February 3, the award ceremony for the business creation support grants was held.

These grants, awarded twice a year by the CentraleSupélec Foundation, aim to support students in their entrepreneurial projects.

On the occasion of Startup Week 2022, the Foundation awarded its grants to five winning projects:

Empathic social robot to fight the digital divide and the isolation of the elderly.

A solution that helps physicians, in clinical practice, to better characterize cancer by providing them with more sophisticated image processing tools that are currently reserved for the research world

Sonar Vision
Application allowing visually impaired people to navigate to their destination independently.

Revolutionizing the hospital care pathway with the first automated drug incompatibility detection software (IPC) to prevent 900 deaths per day

Redivie aims to transform the economy of the fashion sector into a circular economy by relying on second hand and acting on collection, sorting and distribution.

You too You too can support our student and graduate entrepreneurs!

In 2020, the Foundation devoted €315,000 to supporting CentraleSupélec startups and to all of the programs developed by the School to encourage and accompany the entrepreneurial spirit among students. Let’s go further together!

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