2023 Quinquennials: Registration is open!

CentraleSupélec, CentraleSupélec Alumni and the CentraleSupélec Foundation are pleased to announce that registration for the 2023 Quinquennales is open! ???? This year, the promotions in 3 & 8 are concerned. ???????? Meet us on Saturday, April 1, from 1:30 pm to midnight on the Saclay campus to celebrate your class’s graduation anniversary with all your […]

CentraleSupélec mobilizes for diversity on November 8, 2022

CentraleSupélec mobilizes for diversity! Science and engineering are more than ever at the heart of tomorrow’s jobs. Also, they are a great lever to open the doors of the grandes écoles to talented young men and women from all walks of life. Ecole CentraleSupélec has understood that social openness and diversity increase the value of […]

2022 Innovation Award from the IT industry

Thanks to the generosity of Dzung Tran (CS 1981) the Fondation CentraleSupélec awards the innovation award for the dominant computer science. This prize is awarded for an outstanding student project conducted as part of the 3rd year Computer Science option. Jean-Guillaume Cojan, Clément Deberdt and Anthony REMY graduates of the Cybersecurity major, class of 2021, […]

It’s almost back to school!

???????? In a few days it will already be time for the start of the school year at CentraleSupélec … The foundation remains mobilized to support the students throughout their studies in order to allow each one to follow their studies as serenely as possible. Our door is open to all! (e.119 Bouygues building) Link […]

Discover the Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you the 2021 Annual Report of the CentraleSupélec Foundation, which will allow you to measure the full scope of your generosity. 1,300 individual donors and 150 companies supported the CentraleSupélec Foundation in 2021, enabling it to allocate €4.2 million to all its missions. Thanks to you, nearly 200 students […]

Bernard Gault becomes President of the CentraleSupélec Foundation

An engineer from the École Centrale de Paris (class of 1981) and a graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (1982), Bernard Gault was appointed President of the CentraleSupélec Foundation on May 17, 2022. Bernard Gault replaces Georges Chodron de Courcel as President. Bernard Gault began his career in the industrial affairs department of […]

Inauguration of the Repaire

On September 20, the School inaugurated Le Repaire, a new convivial space dedicated to entrepreneurship, entirely funded by the CentraleSupélec Foundation. On this occasion, the School’s entrepreneurship team presented CentraleSupélec’s new positioning on this strategic axis, which has been part of its DNA since its creation. A large space for conviviality Although CentraleSupélec’s entrepreneurs now […]

Discover the 2020 Annual Report of the CentraleSupélec Foundation

We are pleased to publish the CentraleSupélec Foundation’s 2020 Annual Report, which will allow you to measure the full scope of your generosity. 2020 Annual Report – CentraleSupélec Foundation (fondation-centralesupelec.fr) The year 2020 will have been special in more ways than one. Marked by a health crisis of unprecedented proportions, it demonstrated the exemplary capacity […]