Director of the
Chair of Biotechnology
of CentraleSupélec
Patrick Perré
and his deputy
Pedro Augusto
have been listed among the world’s most influential researchers. The list produced by the
scientific publisher Elsevier
describes the 2% most influential researchers in different fields, taking into account many bibliometric indicators.
Congratulations to them!

Marco Di Renzo is a CNRS research director at
Signals and Systems Laboratory
(L2S – CNRS/CentraleSupélec/Université Paris-Saclay) where he is in charge of the “intelligent physical layers for communication systems” team.

He is one of this year’s winners of the
Academy of Sciences in the field of mechanical and computer sciences

Specialist in mathematical modeling, performance analysis and optimization of wireless communication systems, Marco Di Renzo’s research activities are multidisciplinary at the interface between communication theory, electromagnetism and metamaterials.

He has contributed to the design and development of several wireless communication technologies, including spatial modulation and intelligent reconfigurable surfaces.

Since its creation in 2001, the Irène Joliot-Curie Prize has been working to promote women in science, research and technology. Each year, this prize rewards exemplary careers in both public and private research, to highlight the careers of women scientists who combine excellence and dynamism.

The Special Commitment Award was presented to Nina Hadis Amini, “Young Woman Scientist” Award.

Nina Hamidi is a CNRS researcher at the Signals and Systems Laboratory (L2S – CNRS/CentraleSupélec/Université Paris-Saclay). In 2022, Nina Hadis Amini was also awarded the bronze medal of the CNRS.

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