An AI-ready data center

  To remain at the forefront of innovation and exploit the full potential of AI, CentraleSupélec’s faculty and students need to implement significant computing resources. Now more than ever, AI and data players need a dedicated solution that can connect anywhere to deliver maximum performance to multiple users simultaneously, no matter where they are in […]

C’est bientôt la rentrée !

👩‍🎓 Dans quelques jours ce sera déjà l’heure de la rentrée à CentraleSupélec … La fondation reste mobilisée pour soutenir les élèves tout au long de leur cursus afin de permettre à chacun de suivre le plus sereinement possible ses études. Notre porte reste ouverte à tous ! (e.119 bât Bouygues) Lien vers la page dédiée aux élèves ici

Focus on Greenly: a solution to calculate your carbon footprint

In early 2020, Greenly received a grant from the CentraleSupélec Foundation to support the creation of a company. Since then, the startup has grown and is very successful! A look at this evolution with Arnaud Delubac, one of the founders of Greenly and an alumnus of the Master of Sciences in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies at CentraleSupélec […]