Take advantage of tax deductions in the UK

To allow graduates who wish to make donations in the UK to benefit from tax deductions, we have created ” The UK Friends of CentraleSupélec ” which is the collection structure that will allow you to support your School’s projects while benefiting from the tax deductions provided for in the UK.

  • « The UK Friends of CentraleSupelec ” is eligible for the Gift Aid : any donation is matched by 25% from the UK government.
    So when you make a donation of £1000, the School actually receives £1250.
  • If you are a High Tax payer, you can benefit from an additional tax relief corresponding to the difference between your tax rate (45%) and 20% : when you donate £1000, the School receives £1250 thanks to Gift aid and you can deduct from your taxes an additional £312 (£1250 x 25%)

Payroll giving, make your donation through your employer

To enter The UK Friends of CentraleSupélec in the recipients of donations via the agency chosen by your employer, please indicate the details of« The UK Friends of CentraleSupélec »

Address: 20 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7AN

Charity number : 1172405

If you have any question, please contact the Fondation CentraleSupélec – Audrey Duval : audrey.duval@centralesupelec.fr

The UK Friends of CentraleSupelec Board is made of :

Maryline Mertz (2005)

Managing Director, Global Head of Origination across Equities and FICC, Goldman Sachs

Brice Benoliel (2005)

Executive Director, Hybrids and Equity Derivatives Structurer, Natixis

Flavien Kulawik (1994)

Co-Chairman and co-founder, KLB Group

Sofia Faqir (2006)

Corporate Finance Director, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, BEIS

Marc Vandamme (1976)

Director, Marven Ltd