In addition to cash donations, there are other ways to support the CentraleSupélec Foundation and give:

  • Make a donation via your company
  • Make a bequest
  • Make an authentic deed donation
  • Make a major gift
  • Make a multi-year commitment

If you are considering making a major donation, please contact Nathalie BOUSSEAU – Director of the Foundation on +33 (0)1 75 31 64 04 or by email:nathalie.bousseau@centralesupelec.fr

Donate via your company

It is possible to make a donation through a company. This donation must be made before 31 December of the current year.

  • Corporate tax deduction of 60% of the amount of the sums paid, retained within the limit of 5 per thousand of the turnover before tax (applicable since 2003)
  • If the 5 per thousand limit is exceeded, the excess is carried over successively to the next 5 financial years under the same tax deduction conditions.
  • Article 148 of the 2019 Finance Act creates an alternative ceiling of €10,000 which applies for payments made during financial years ending on or after 31st December 2019. Companies may therefore apply the ceiling of €10,000 or the ceiling of 5 per thousand of the turnover where the latter amount is higher


  • Turnover of €10m, cash donation of €100,000
  • Corporate tax deduction :
    • Year 1 : 60 % x €50,000 € = €30,000
    • Year 2 : 60 % x €50,000 € = €30,000

Make a bequest

There are 3 types of bequests :
1. Universal bequest (legs universel): only possible if you have no legatee heir, it concerns all of your property.
2. Bequest as a universal bequest (Legs à titre universel) : this concerns part of your assets (a share of your estate (30%, 50%) or a certain category of it (furniture, real estate, etc.).
3. Specific bequest (Legs particulier): this concerns one or more specific objects such as a sum of money, a piece of jewellery, a work of art, a flat, etc.

Procedure & conditions:
The steps required to make a legacy are simple. You just have to write your will (before a notary or not) and mention what you wish to leave to the CentraleSupélec Foundation. Bequests are not limited to people with very large assets, there is no minimum. It should be noted that bequests are exempt from transfer duties.

Make an authentic deed donation

If you wish to donate an asset or a sum of money during your lifetime to the CentraleSupélec Foundation, favour the authentic deed donation. This is exempt from transfer duty. Our Patronage Department is there to help you and your notary define the terms and conditions of your project. The donated assets will generally be sold at the best possible conditions.

Donation in bare ownership with reserve of usufruct:
Donations can be made of bare property with reserve of usufruct if the donor wishes that he or she or any person designated by him or her can enjoy the property until his or her death, under certain conditions. The CentraleSupélec Foundation will scrupulously carry out any charge attached to a donation.

Temporary donations of usufruct:
This involves supporting the Fondation CentraleSupélec with the income generated by the property whose usufruct has been donated, while keeping its bare ownership. This form of donation is fiscally advantageous for the donor from the point of view of the IFI and income tax. Indeed, in this case, both the real estate wealth tax (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière – IFI) and income tax are borne by the usufructuary. This form of donation does not entitle the donor to a tax receipt, as the tax benefit is already taken into account upstream, in the calculation of the tax base.

Make a multi-year commitment

A commitment over several years makes it possible to spread the financial effort over several years and to support the School’s major projects over time.

If you have any question, please contact Nathalie Bousseau – Directrice de la Fondation CentraleSupélec at +33(0)1 75 31 64 04 or by email: nathalie.bousseau@centralesupelec.fr