The mission of the CentraleSupélec Foundation is to help the students of the School to achieve their potential with serenity throughout their schooling. To this end, the Foundation offers financial and material support to the students who need it most, for varying periods of time depending on their situation.

If you need any help, please contact Julie Barrot :

Scolarship& loan guarantee

First year students : scolarship

The Foundation provides scholarships to students who are unable to pay tuition fees and/or daily living expenses on campus (housing, food, supplies).

Second and third year students, MS : loan guarantee

The Foundation offers bank loan guarantee to students unable to pay tuition fees, daily life on campus (housing, food, supplies) or  wishing to continue their studies abroad (S8 or double-diploma).

How to apply?

There are three scholarship commissions in the year: October, January and May.

Whatever course you are following, you should:

  1. Collectat the Foundation office (e119, Bouygues building) a scholarship or loan guarantee application.
  2. Return the completed application within the deadline. Late applications will not be processed.
  3. Scholarship Commission review. All applications are studied by members of the School, the Foundation and the Residence.

Grants for student associations

Why supporting student associations?

At CentraleSupélec life is punctuated by the many sports, artistic and humanitarian projects of the student associations.

The Foundation supports these initiatives which are essential to the life of the school and which allow students to benefit from a collective and diversified cultural opening on campus.

Grants for student association projects are awarded following commissions that take place in November and April.

These grants are not automatically renewed from one year to the next. Each year the associations that need them must apply and present their new projects.

How to apply for a student association grant?

  1. Collect the application form at the Foundation office (e119, Bouygues building) and present the association, the schedule of events for the year, the nature of the project(s) to be financed and a budget.
  2. Commission review with representatives from student associations, the Foundation, the CESAL, the President of the student union (BDE) and from the Association des Résidents de CS (AdR),

Entrepreneurship grants

To support the School in the education of CentraleSupélec’s entrepreneurial engineers, the Foundation offers entrepreneurship grants (from €1,500 to €5,000) to encourage students’ innovative projects.

Who can apply?

All CentraleSupélec students with an entrepreneurial project, regardless of their year, field of study or specialisation.

How far along should the project be?

The Foundation’s entrepreneur grant is a “helping hand” for the development of student start-ups. Whether the project is still in the development phase or already commercialised, you can apply.

What are the selection criteria?

The Entrepreneurial Scholarship Commission is composed of members of the School’s Academic Board, the Entrepreneurship Board and the Foundation who take into account :

  • How innovative the project is
  • The market study
  • The soundness of the project
  • The motivation of the project owners

How to apply?

  1. Collect the application form from the Academic Board (Direction des études) contacting Viviane Moreau.
  2. Return the application form by the deadline (applications are generally made from November to December)
  3. All applications are reviewed by the commission.

NB: a project that has already been awarded a grant may not apply for this grant a second time.

Loan of computer equipment to students

The Foundation has about thirty laptops that it lends for varying lengths of time to students who request them.

Other requests

As students at CentraleSupélec, you may also encounter other difficulties that are not presented here. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact Julie Barrot directly: