I don’t consider the scholarship I received simply as a mere income, but as a support that motivates me to work harder to achieve my goals. Thank you to the Foundation for this recognition of my work, and for its commitment to equal opportunities at CentraleSupélec.

Vanessa, third year

At the end of 2017, when Maude had just entered CentraleSupélec after two years of preparatory classes in Lyon, her parents could no longer afford to pay for the education of their three children.
She says: “I had worked so hard to get into CentraleSupélec, and yet I thought at the time that I would have to give up. The Foundation’s help saved me. It came at a time when I could no longer meet my housing and living expenses. This grant increased my desire to succeed tenfold and strengthened my feeling of belonging to the school.”

Maude, second year

I am Moroccan and I did my two years of preparatory studies in Marrakech. Imagine my joy when I learned that I had passed the CentraleSupélec exam! But this dream that was becoming reality was quickly overshadowed by financial problems. My parents couldn’t keep up. And if the Foundation hadn’t given me a scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to come. So I am very grateful to all the donors, and I am proud to be part of such a supportive and close-knit community.

Amine, second year

Originally from Senegal, Marième came to France to study for a degree in Engineering Sciences, with a major in Automatic and Electrical Engineering, at the University of Aix-Marseille. During her third year, she applied to join the Supélec engineering programme through the admission on title procedure.
Marième joined the Metz campus in 2016, but repeated her first year because of financial problems:
“In Marseille, I was able to work alongside my studies and support myself without putting too much pressure on my family. You know, the standard of living in Senegal is not the same as in France, and my parents can’t pay for everything. But in Metz, I couldn’t do study and work at the same time and the difficulties multiplied. I don’t see how I could have managed without the Foundation’s grant.
I clearly plan to become one of its donors in the future to be able to help others in my situation. I think it’s a noble gesture. »

Marième, third year

Supporting our Success Angels scholarship programme means that all our students can devote themselves fully to their studies, without any financial concerns jeopardising their success. But it also means:






Annual requirement: €1m to support 300 students


I love my school, its project and its education. The education I received there is great: it offers a very high transdisciplinary scientific level but also offers the possibility of putting this knowledge into practice. This has enabled me to fulfil my professional life as an entrepreneur.

When I joined Centrale Paris, I took out a loan, received a grant and also an honorary loan from the Société des Amis (the forerunner of the Foundation). This gesture of solidarity has remained with me and today I want to give back to the School what it gave me.

I would like to give students with financial difficulties the opportunity to attend school without worrying about their future, I want them to be able to take full advantage of it. It is a great opportunity for them to be at CentraleSupélec and CentraleSupélec is very lucky to have them too!

Flavien Kulawik, 1994

« I think it is natural that any Centralien, who has learned so much from the School, academically and humanely, and who has valued these lessons in his career, should in turn allow young people to develop their skills. I myself benefited from a scholarship during my studies and it seems normal to me to donate in turn to the Foundation and to encourage my fellow students to do the same. In a society where the education system no longer plays its role in reducing inequalities, it is crucial to be able to financially support students who need it. »
Vincent Lapras, 1990

« At a time when there is a tendency to commemorate a great deal, and when we willingly give in to the prestige of memory, CentraleSupélec, through its successive incorporations, creations and mergers, and through the design of its new campus in Saclay, shows that, in line with its founder Lavallée, it is looking towards the future, and educating those who will contribute to defining it, by striving to give them the best possible assets.

Lavallée saw this future in terms of technical progress, but also – influenced by the Saint-Simonians – in terms of sharing, social progress and reduction of inequalities. Therefore, for those of us who have benefited – thanks to others – from all that the School had to offer, the least we can do is to ensure that it continues. Life has meant that some of us have made a fortune, and that others – fortunately few in number – are now in difficulty. As an African proverb says, even the contents of a peanut are enough to be shared. »
Jean-Paul Lasserre, 1965