Presidents of CentraleSupélec students associations / Crédits photos : PICS

A very rich student life

The incredible richness of the student life is one of the great specificities of CentraleSupélec, which has more than 150 student associations and clubs on its 3 campuses. Students can both grow as a person and develop their education and skills.

Sport, art, culture, media, event organisation or civic and humanitarian commitment: the investment of students in one or more student associations is recognised as a component of their education and is widely supported by the CentraleSupélec Foundation. Every November and April, the Foundation reviews received applications and awards grants to student associations.

Despite the current health context, the School maintained a student life punctuated by artistic, cultural, sporting, humanitarian and other projects. On their side, the student associations also remain mobilized and doubled creativity to maintain their activity. The CentraleSupélec Foundation will maintain the student club commissions in November 2020.


Association: ÇaPèse !
for equal gender opportunity

Created five years ago, our association works on the three CentraleSupelec campuses to promote parity within the student clubs and to fight against discrimination, harassment and violence of which women are still too often victims.

We are very active in high schools to deconstruct the stereotypes between girls and boys. We regularly organise within CentraleSupelec a week dedicated to gender equality with conferences, round tables, training for the leaders of the major student associations, and actions to prevent sexist and sexual violence. The support of the CentraleSupélec Foundation is very precious. Thank you to all its donors!

Lucie Clémot, second year student-ingeneer and president of the association ÇaPèse !

The Integration weekend (WEI)

The WEI is a major event at our School. During this weekend, we welcome the first year students in the right way. It brings together 1150 participants, including 330 student supervisors. It is fully organised from the month of January by a team of 28 students. This year, the confinement led us to prepare for multiple scenarios and to constantly readjust as the health crisis evolved. We received a great deal of support from the School and the Foundation, a long-standing partner of the event. We are extremely grateful to them. Thanks to their help, CentraleSupelec was one of the few schools in France to maintain the event, and its success from a health point of view led CentraleSupelec to be praised by the Essonne General Council!

Jean Delloye, second year student-ingeneer and president of the WEI